In Africa tonight, a light went out
Jonah Maghanga Mngola: A Remembrance by Hanri Mostert.
Commentary on Draft Guideline for Covid-19 Code of Practice
The MLiA Chair, lead by Mr Gaopalelwe Mathiba, has prepared written comments on the Draft Guideline for the Compilation of a Mandatory Code of Practice for the Mitigation and Management of Covid-19 Outbreak.
Designing Local Content Frameworks in the Oil, Gas & Mining Sectors in Africa
Kennedy Chege of the MLiA Chair has recently been published in the newsletter of the Extractives Hub of the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee.
Commentary on the Draft Expropriation Bill, 2019
Gaopalelwe Mathiba and Hanri Mostert of the MLiA Chair have prepared commentary on the Draft Expropriation Bill, 2019.
Mine(d) Over Matter
A new five-part series by Aysha Lotter of the MLiA Chair that investigates a potential solution to the detrimental environmental and social impacts of the mining industry.
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