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Honorary Research Affiliates

Dr Cheri Young

Cheri is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the MLiA Chair, responsible for the Sustainability theme.

Selected recent publications:

N Maduekwe & C Young “Water, Sanitation and Energy Access in South Africa and
Nigeria” in Y Omorogbe and A Ordor Ending Africa's Energy Deficit and the Law (2018).

H Mostert, K Chisanga, J Howard, F Mandhu, M van den Berg & C Young "Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mining Industries of Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia" in L Barrera-Hernández, B Barton, L Godden, A Lucas & A Rønne  (eds) Sharing The Costs and Benefits of Energy and Resources Activity (2016).

H Mostert & C Young "Natural resources as 'regulated property'" in C Godt (ed) Regulatory Property Rights (2016).

C Young "Expropriations in South Africa: Dramatis Personae of the Envisioned Expropriation Law" (2016) 5 EPLJ 206-235.


Dr Meyer van den Berg

Meyer is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the MLiA Chair, responsible for the Mineral Law & Governance research theme and curriculum development.

Selected recent publications:

HM van den Berg & H Mostert "Challenges to Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing in South Africa" in D Zillman, M Roggenkamp, L Paddock & L Godden (eds) Innovation in Energy Law and Technology (2018).

HM van den Berg & P Koep "Mining and Energy in Namibia" in O Ruppel & K Ruppel-Schlichting (eds) Environmental Law and Policy in Namibia 3ed (2016).

H Mostert & HM van den Berg "Roman-Dutch Law, Custodianship, and the African Subsurface" in D Zillman, A McHarg, A Bradbrook & L Barrera-Hernandez (eds) The Law of Energy Underground (2014).

HM van den Berg "Namibia" in A Kritzer, S Eiselen, A Butler & F Mazzotta (eds) International Contract Manual (2014).


Dr Boniphace Luhende

Boniphace is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the MLiA Chair, responsible for the Mining & Business research theme.

Selected recent publications:

B Luhende & H Mostert "Systems of mineral ownership in Africa: A comparative look at the legacy of the domanialand regalianregimes in Tanzania and South Africa" (forthcoming journal article).

B Luhende "Taxation of the Extractives Industry in East Africa: Problems and Prospects", a paper presented at the 4th IBFDAfrica Tax Symposium, 9-11 May 2018, Mombasa, Kenya.

B Luhende Towards a legal framework for preventing tax revenue leakage in the upstream oil and gas industry in Tanzania: an analysis of the concepts, methods and options available in a public trusteeship model of natural resource holdingPhD thesis UCT (2017).

B Luhende"Fiscal Regime for the Mining Sector in Tanzania", a paper presented in the 4th Mineral Law in Africa Colloquium in Swakompund, Namibia, November 2016.


Dr Heleen van Niekerk

Heleen is an Honorary Research Affiliate responsible for the Mineral Law & Governance research theme.

Selected recent publications:

H Mostert & H van Niekerk "Disadvantage, Fairness, and Power Crises in Africa" in Y Omorogbe & A Ordor (eds) Ending Africa's Energy Deficit and the Law (2018).

H van Niekerk "Mineral tenure security, registration and enforceability of rights: debunking the property-law paradigm" (2018) 135 SALJ 159-190.

H van Niekerk "How not to queue: judicial scrutiny of the MPRDA’s queuing system – an analysis of Aquila Steel (South Africa) Limited v Minister of Mineral Resources (72248/15) [2016] ZAGPPHC 1071 and legislative changes to the queuing system" (2017) 38 Obiter 417-430.




Dr Paradzai Garufu

Paradzai is an Honorary Research Affiliate at the MLiA Chair, responsible for the Mining & Business research theme.

Selected recent publications:

P Garafu Operationalizing international law principles governing state sovereignty over mineral resources: the case of Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) PhD thesis University of the Witwatersrand (2015).