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Postdoctoral Fellows

Louie van Schalkwyk

Louie is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the MLiA Chair.

Selected recent publications:

L van Schalkwyk& H Mostert "Supporting Regulatory Compliance and Governance through Research and Innovation" in C Digby et al (eds) Green Mining: Beyond the Myth (2018).

H Mostert, LCA Verstappen, J Zevenbergen, L van Schalkwyk(eds) Land Law and Governance: African Perspectives on Land Tenure and Title (2017).

L van Schalkwyk& S Vidima "Involvement of Local Governments and Mine Communities in Addressing Issues of Waste in the Mining Sector" in H Mostert (eds) Waste & Wealth: New Views on the Byproductsof Mining (2017).